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01 – Automatic Inspection System

The Shelton WebSpector system serves as the initial phase in the inspection process. It is designed to deliver consistently accurate results even on the most challenging fabrics. It incorporates several unique features to ensure top-notch performance.

AUTOTRAIN Functionality

The AUTOTRAIN function allows the system to automatically analyse each fabric to determine and store the optimal inspection settings for each style, ensuring the detection of even the subtlest defects on dark or heavily textured fabrics. The system also intelligently excludes nuanced features that are not defects, thus preventing false positives.

WebCORDER Fabric Recording

The WebCORDER feature validates system operations by recording the fabric. This functionality is crucial for ongoing support and system validation by our engineers, to ensure consistent performance and reliability.

Real-Time Defect Classification and Grading (CBIGS)

The CBIGS engine filters out non-serious defects in real-time. This feature eliminates the need for manual defect recognition and grading, significantly reducing man-hours required by other systems. The classification and grading occur in a fraction of a second –at line speed– before any labels are applied. This process minimises false alarms on the resulting defect map, allowing for high inspection sensitivity settings with accurate reporting.

Inspection Capabilities

The output of the WebSPECTOR system is an electronic defect map, complete with classified and graded defect images, ready for the next stage in the four-step process. The system is capable of inspecting various types of fabrics which include but are not limited to:

  • Knit and woven plain fabrics
  • Striped and checked fabrics
  • Open mesh fabrics
  • Grain and geometric patterned fabrics
  • Jacquard patterned fabrics

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