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02 – Digital Defect Map Review

The Digital Defect Map Review Station is an integral part of the inspection process where re-roll operators or supervisors can efficiently review classified and graded defect images on a large ergonomic curved screen display. This stage employs a user-friendly wizard that enables a thorough check of a 5,000-meter batch in less than 10 minutes. Reports are also created directly from the system without operator intervention. 

Efficient Defect Review Process

The system AI eliminates false positives from being displayed on the main review screen. Operators can manually or automatically remove borderline defects, adapting the defect map to meet commercial quality standards. This ensures that only significant defects are carried forward, optimising the value of the fabric batch.

Commercial Consistency Adjustment

The Review Station enables precise adjustments to the defect map to meet commercial requirements. By filtering out minor or acceptable defects, quality thresholds are set, facilitating optimised decisions for the cutting plan in the next stage.

Customer Visibility and Approval

An optional feature at this stage is customer visibility of the inspection and review data. Customers can review and sign off on the batch as acceptable before the fabric is cut into smaller rolls. This transparency ensures that customer specifications and quality standards are met, enhancing satisfaction and trust.

Key Features:


  • User-Friendly Wizard: Facilitates quick and thorough review of defect images, enabling rapid processing of large batches.
  • Defect Map Adjustment: Allows for manual or automatic removal of borderline defects to meet commercial standards.
  • Customer Approval: Provides an opportunity for customers to review and approve the defect map before further processing.

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