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  • Fully automated inspection process, with self-learning of new styles
  • Capable of detecting all visible defect types on both plain and patterned fabric
  • Real-time data processing and reporting, eliminating false positives instantly
  • Defect detection validation, including video recording of the entire fabric surface, stored either on internal servers or in the cloud
  • Fabric recordings can be played back later for thorough inspection and analysis
  • Single or double-sided inspection, with multiple lighting angles for defect defection on all planes
  • Defect database with AI sorting, including historical data and defect archive per style
  • Grade defects in real-time by fabric type and against individual customer requirements, using mathematical parameters, such as size and contrast, to determine severity
  • Serious defect alarm to notify and fix manufacturing errors early on in the process
  • Creation of optimised cutting plan, to determine the percentage of first quality yield before the batch is cut
  • Additional capabilities include continuous bow and skew detection, shade continuity measurement, fabric density measurement and fabric orientation identification (face / rear), alongside custom requirements, such as fabric openness measurement