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04 – Reduce waste, maximise yield and profit

In this final step, the optimised cut plan for a batch is executed on either adapted standard inspection/rolling frames under WebViewer control or on purpose-built automated rolling, cutting and packing machines.

Automated Execution with WebViewer

The rolling, stopping and display of operator/machine instructions (e.g. end roll, cut out defect, over-mark defect, cut lab sample) are controlled by the powerful WebViewer software. This software runs on a PC integrated with each machine’s drives, ensuring precise positioning for cutting.

Maximised Throughput and Accuracy

By utilising the WebViewer feature, throughput per machine and operator is maximised. The software automates the process, accurately following the cut plan without the need for manual intervention, thereby minimising errors.

Key Benefits

  • Precise Control: Integrated software and machine drives ensure exact cutting positions.
  • Efficiency: Automation maximises throughput and reduces manual labor.
  • Accuracy: Eliminates manual errors, ensuring the cut plan is executed as designed.

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